Green walls latest trend home/office design

A green wall or vertical garden is a collection of wall-mounted plants. Vertical wall gardens are the latest trend in home/office design. You may have noticed that some workplace walls are trying a bit greener than usual lately. Though they go by different names—living walls, green walls, vertical gardens—new hanging indoor plantscapes seem to be sprouting up in commercial lobbies everywhere.
Artificial green walls have given individuals the chance to rework their homes and work establishments into tranquil sanctuaries with their most popular reminder green. Artificial plants for no-maintenance green walls.
Never worry regarding maintenance once more – relish leaf all year spherical with our designer plant product
Benefits of Artificial Green Walls / Vertical Gardens
Benefits of Artificial Green Walls / Vertical Gardens
1. They do not require any maintenance or watering, ever!
2. Will not attract bugs and the like
3. Can be custom made to suit exact measurements and requirements needed
4. Realistic and on-trend designer plants and green wall designs
5. Don’t contain allergens and pollens – perfect for anyone who suffers from plant allergies
6. Vast array of styles to complement any décor layout
7. Great addition to any office environment with no further costs for maintenance
8. Get an instant feature for your garden
9. Can be put anywhere: gardens, walls, fences, roofs, homes, squares, restaurants, businesses,
apartment buildings, cafes, among more!


we fancymart are providing a wide variety of Artificial plants and flowers.
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