Artificial Grass for Landscaping

Gallery Garden

Not the real lawn but it’s a great idea to include artificial grass as a part of your gallery garden design. Good quality artificial grass can add a natural feel to your garden without the need for a large space or real lawn

Balcony Garden

Balcony Garden decorating ideas to find out how you can make your balcony the most comfortable space. Creating a garden in a limited space like a balcony can be a challenge, it can be hard to think of creative ideas to keep your balcony garden look great while adhering to the strict confines of working within such a small area.

Roof Top Garden

A roof garden is a garden on the roof of a building. Artificial grass are used now as a part of landscaping as they allow people to have a garden filled with greenery without having to use actual green plants or grass. You can walk on the artificial grass and it can provide a safe area to play for your children.

Terrace Garden

Make a Terrace Garden on your roof top. Artificial grass or synthetic carpets are becoming a regular feature in the landscaping of an apartment as they bring in advantages in contrast to carpeting with natural grasses